PMW NATION was founded on a divine Foundation and as such it is the job of all PMW members to make sure that the foundation of PMW NATION is always at a steady, stable and united state

The importance of training can be seen on the battlefield, the multi-player playing field, with in administration and in the highly technical arena of professional video game development. PMW NATION has a vast wealth of knowledge, what we refer to as “warrior wisdom,” along side “technical know-how” that has been derived from the team’s decades of lessons learned.



Our joint operations center is made up of the following teams: Social Networking: Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Audio/Video Production, Photography, Business Analysis,

We also maintain a small but relative Development Department:

Why Video Games?

Social Videogame Networking is something yet to be capitalized on fully. The video game industry is maturing and expanding at an incredible rate. Companies are looking for a new generation of video game concepts and developers to fill this rapidly growing industry‘s supporting such concepts.

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