PMW NATION will serve as one of your greatest allies in your effort to win the hearts and minds of your target audiences. Our mission objective is to communicate to your internal and external stakeholders your organization’s successes while in the worse case scenario successfully handling any crisis communication situation which may threaten your organization’s stellar reputation. Mission success is accomplished through media relations, building and leveraging relationships, social communication, street marketing, community communities outreach, development and execution of traditional and interactive communication campaigns. Other support services include, but not limited to:

• a Platform for social game networking

• Positive publicity through stories in electronic news media.
• featured article Releases
• PMW special operation developers at the dispose of any homebrew or software development project
• means of mass media storage
• Video News Releases
• Media Relations (preparing organization’s spokespeople for news media interviews)
• Monitoring numerous news media channels and key public to gauge public perception.
• Managing crisis that may threaten the organization

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